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I just purchased Faucher’s transcriptions of Habichuela. I already own his transcriptions of Ramón Montoya. They truly make my flamenco-journey a fun-filled one !! A lot less frustrating than it might be without them !
Of course they are well done, accurate, etc, blah blah blah, but much more importantly for this guitarist, they are FUN TO WORK WITH ! Thank you Alain Faucher for your contribution to this wonderful art form !
M. Z. (Albany, NY, USA)

Thanks so much for your contribution to flamenco! Your transcriptions are very helpful for learning many of these difficult guitar works. I’m very happy with the prior Paco de Lucia pieces which I ordered from you as well as your excellent tribute to Ramón Montoya !
J. W. (PA, USA)

I am S., your book vol.1 Gerardo Núñez is very good!
S. (Germany)

Your transcriptions are terrific !
B.R. (Miami, USA)

I don’t know how often people compliment you on the quality of your transcriptions, but please add my name to those that do – they are terrific !
B. R. (Miami, USA)

I had a conversation with a classical guitar builder by the name of Robert Ruck, during which he said that your transcriptions of flamenco solo pieces are the finest of any he has seen.
T. G. (Colorado Springs, USA)

I like to thank you for the wonderful job you are doing. You are the savior for the serious students.
R. D. (San Francisco, USA)

Keep up the good work with the transcriptions, they’re excellent !!
J. B. (Torremolinos, Spain)

Many thanks for your excellent transcriptions.
M. S. (Melbourne, Australia)

I have thoroughly enjoyed and have been tremendously impressed by your transcriptions.
R. E. (Lexington, KY, USA)

I am certain that I will enjoy your magnificent work as much as I have the many others that I have received from you.
J. R. (Palo Alto, California, USA)

Once again thank you for your quick response and accurate transcriptions.
I. F. (Hong Kong)

I’ve received your transcription of Ventanas al alma. You did a really good work! The notation is 100% understandable, clear and perfect.
L. C. (Pavia,Italia)

I’m writing to you because I want to congratulate you with your beautiful book about Ramón Montoya Arte Clásico Flamenco.
E. B. (Oostkamp, Belgium)

Thank you for the Moraito transcriptions you sent me so promptly after my recent order. I am really enjoying working on them.
R. B. (Seaforth, Australia)

I’d like to thank you for the splendid transcriptions I received last time.
P. A. (Oslo, Norway)

I have a great respect and admiration for your work.
V. R., (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

I like your transcriptions very much, they are good hardwork, very precisely.
F. O. (Aalborg, Denmark)

I just received the 4 pieces I ordered from you. You are a genius! I don’t know how you did it, but thank God you did. You must really have quite an ear to have been able to take off the record this music. All of us flamenco guitarists thank you for your talent and work. Bless you!
R. L. (New York, USA)

I must tell you how much pleasure you have given me with your transcriptions. If it wasn’t for you, I don’t know how I would get any good flamenco music to play.
R. L. (New York)

I must congratulate you on your continued work of transcription.
P. B. (Orakei, New Zealand)

Thank you for the wonderful transcriptions I requested, they are accurately notated and a pleasure to play.
D. S. (London, UK)

I have just been listening to Sabicas’ Barrio de Santiago while reading your cifra, and I am very impressed.
P. M. (USA)

My God! What an ear you have ! I’ve been working on Claveles del Puerto from ? Flamenco Fever ?. It’s better than taking lessons from Sabicas would be !
L. C. (Elko, Nevada, USA)

I would like to take this opportunity to say the transcriptions which I received at Christmas were the best I have ever seen.
R. A. (Los Angeles, USA)

I received my last order and it was perfect.
R. A. (Los Angeles)

I received my last order of your transcriptions and was very impressed by their accuracy and clearness.
R A. (Los Angeles)

I really enjoy these transcriptions. Keep up the excellent work.
T. B. (Saint-Louis, Missouri)

It is very amazing to me how very accurate your Paco transcription is considering how poor the recording quality was.
T. B. (Saint-Louis, Missouri)

The Gerardo Núñez Book is a magnificent compilation of music and a monument to your skill, craft, and patience as “the” transcriber.
T. B. (Saint-Louis, Missouri)

Thanks again for my last order, as usual it was very accurate and it gave me many hours of enjoyment.
D. K. (Los Angeles)

Thank you for the last transcriptions. I had endless hours of enjoyment from these !
D. K. (Los Angeles)

Last year I got the first notes from you. They are really well done and wonderful.
W. G. (Stuttgart, Germany)

I was very pleased to receive your wonderful notes.
W. G. (Stuttgart)

I must congratulate you for the high quality of your work.
S. R. (Nobleton, Canada)

Your transcriptions are always a great help.
R. K. (Solnhoffen, Germany)

I would like to compliment you once again on the very fine work you do.
E. H. (Lugano, Switzerland)

I have received your transcriptions. It’s amazing how perfect it is.
A. A. (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Your transcriptions are the best.
M. M. (Hollywood, USA)

You know me Alain, I’m Faucher Flamenco crazy.
M. M. (Hollywood)

I received your books and transcriptions to day. They are wonderful !
G. L. (Hong Kong)

Your works are very good. I wonder how you could be that good.
G. L. (Hong Kong)

I recently purchased your wonderful Nuñez album, vol.1. I deeply appreciate your work. Great job !
M. P. (Vienna, Austria)

I must commend you for your transcriptions of the dance accompaniments. I found them insightful and most helpful.
K. R. (Beachmere , Australia)

Every year I look forward to seeing what’s new in your fantastic production.
H. S. (Jarna, Sweden)

I hope you can keep up the good work indefinitely.
J. K. (Las Cruces, NM, USA)

Your excellent work is a pleasure to learn and perform.
P. M. (Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I do have your book with ancient Ramón Montoya falsetas and that’s really fantastic…
P.v.B. (Gouda, NL)

Thank you for your excellent transcriptions. They have immensely enriched my life.
G. I. (Watertown, Mass, USA)

I’ve already benefited tremendously from your transcriptions.
G. I. (Watertown, Mass, USA)

I just bought your book of Gerardo Núñez. Really great job !
M. C. (Gliwice, Poland)

Thank you so much for bringing such magic to Chris’ life.
P. P. (London, Ont, Canada)

Thanks again for the ***GREAT*** transcriptions.
J. J. (Philadelphia, USA)

The transcriptions are superior both in the quality of the music and the accuracy of the notation. I find the falsetas collections extremely helpful in improving my playing and ability to understand how falsetas relate with and blend into each other.
L. M. (Seattle, USA)

Your transcription is perfect !
Y. M. (Tokyo, Japan)

First I would like to compliment you on your excellent transcription of Gerardo Núñez’s music.
G. d.G. (Rotterdam, NL)

The Sabicas book is fantastic !
E. L. Greeley, Colorado

I am very enthusiastic about your transcriptions. They are very accurate, and as good as any I’ve seen.
F. T. (San Diego, California)

As I said in my recent e-mail, your work is great, and truly appreciated.[…] Your English is excellent, as well.
F. T. (San Diego, California)

I received your new “Sabicas” book and other transcriptions yesterday. Thank you so much for your superb work. You are a great aid to the guitarist in playing the work of the flamenco masters.
F. T. (San Diego, California)

I am very impressed by your great work on flamenco art.
T. H. (Tokyo, Japan)

I had previously purchased your Ramón Montoya transcriptions from the Spanish Guitar Centre and it is fantastic.
T. D. (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

The pieces of my last order are fantastic (brilliantly transcribed).
T. D. (Hobart, Tasmania, Australia)

You’re a very important person for flamenco music.
E. K. (Istanbul, Turkey)

Your book of fandangos is absolutely first-rate, and a give-away at the price.
C.W. (Osny, France)

I wanted to say thanks for the great editions, today I bought the fandango book and completed my collection! […] I thank you again for the hours of enjoyment I’ve received from your work.
D. A. (USA)

Your transcription of Panaderos is the best. Thank you very much for your great work !!!
N. L. (Ekaterinburg, Russia)

I am amazed at how accurately you have transcribed this music !!!
T. H. (Oakview, California)

I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you once again with your transcriptions.
J. G. (Utrecht, Netherland)

Your stuff is really great.
G. G. (Alameda, California)

Eagerly awaiting your next great transcriptions.
G. G. (Alameda, California)

Everyday I appreciate your transcriptions. It has allowed me to play music I never would have thought possible.
G. G. (Alameda, California)

Thanks for all your efforts in providing your invaluable service.
G. P. (Calabasas, California)

Congratulations for your excellent job.
A. G. (Trieste, Italy)

I would like to take the time to tell you thank you very much for your very nice, very high quality transcritpions.
J. B. (San Diego, California)

As always thank you for your excellent work.
J. B. (San Diego, California)

Thanks for the great transcriptions of Vicente Amigo (flawless!).
J. B. (San Diego, California)

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for you to provide me the excellent transcriptions (Ramon Amador’s soleá, Manuel Silveria’s Alegrías, Paco de Lucía’s El Cobre). I practised those pieces during the past 6 months, have really learned a great deal, and even successfully applied the ideas from the notes to the real practice with our dancers.
P. X. (Helsinki, Finland)

I have been reading through Vicente Amigo’s El Mandaíto. Excellent work…
E. H. (Coral Springs, Florida)

I think your transcription is perfect.
Y. S. (Japan)

My Dad has been a member of your mailing list now for ten years. Your internet site has brought your flamenco store closer to him. Thank you.
T. (Australia)

I am very thankful that you are around. I started playing Flamenco guitar about 35 years ago. I had good teachers, but could never play Sabicas’ material. I gave up the guitar for about 15 years, and took it up again several years ago. I stumbled onto your webpage last year, and what a difference it has made.
[…] Your transcriptions are fabulous, because you obviously have a great ear, and understand the guitar, as well as, Flamenco music. Yours are the best transcriptions out there, and you are a Godsend to me, especially in demystifying the music of Sabicas.
F. T. (Cardiff, California)

Thanks again Alain, you are the GOD of Flamenco !
C. K. (Thousand Oaks, California)

Thank you once again for your wonderful work.
A. F. (Blackburn, Vic., Australia)

What kind of high tech electronics do you use if any ? It takes a Genius like you to just play a CD and start picking out the notes.
R. C. S. (Milpitas, California)

Maestro Faucher, your books are the absolute best.
B. C. (California)

You have done a FANTASTIC job in compiling flamenco tablature. Thank you for all your efforts.
D. L. (Toronto, Canada)

I’m really enjoying your scores, especially Keys to fandango, nice work !
N. S. (Japon)

I would simply like to thank you for all the fine work you’ve done in and for flamenco.
F. M. (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania)

I’m a fan of Alain Faucher’s transcriptions and thanks to him I have been able to learn Flamenco.
E. M. (Chula Vista, California)

[…] thanks to your transcriptions, I‘m preparing my first flamenco guitar recital.
E. M. (Chula Vista, California)

You are the greatest […] The tabs are superb written, you know everything about finger positioning and left hand arrangements.
C. J. (Stuttgart, Germany)

I want to thank you personally for all the work you have put into your transcriptions. It really means a lot.
R. B. (Ventura, California)

I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed your transcriptions of Sabicas […] They have been a big help in learning flamenco.
I. M. (Bloomfield, New Jersey)

I have several of your books. All fantastic !
R. V. (Twickenham, England)

Have Affedis books of Tomatito, Moraíto. They are the best transcriptions I’ve encountered ! Great work !
E. J. C., (Portland, Oregon)

I recently received one of your transcriptions and I am extremely pleased.
O. N. (Carmel, California)

I have purchased several of your books, they are wonderful !
J. F. (N. Carolina)

I appreciate your work of transcription where I can learn the fingering, string and fret position of flamenco music by several players.
T. T. (Nagoya, Japan)

I respect each of your work. Without yours, I have not be able to extend my
boundaries of flamenco. Many thanks again.
T. T. (Nagoya, Japan)

I have received the new edition of “Canciones populares antiguas”. Congratulations on publication of this precious music book! I value it as well as other works of yours so far I have received.
T. T. (Nagoya, Japan)

Thank you to exist. You are the Paco de Lucia of transcription.
M. C. (Portogruaro, Italiy)

Alain Faucher does the best music transcriptions I ever seen.
F. R. I. (Netherland)

I think your transcriptions are the best available for flamenco.
R. E. (Lexington, Kentucky)

Your transcriptions have been my flamenco education. I can’t thank you enough.
G. G. (Alameda, California)

I just want to express my admiration for your amazing ability to figure out what each of that torrent of notes is, where it is, how it was played… I want to thank you for allowing me to play in his [Sabicas] memory and to preserve his music down through the generations to come.
T. H. (Oakview, California)

I have learned so much from your transcriptions the past 5 years and just want to thank you for your great work.
W. S. (Milpitas, California)

I am glad that this resource exists (Affedis). […] Also, it is an incredible source for comparing against what I hear. I wrote a review and I sent it to La Flamenco del Web, on your book, “la Guitarra de Tomatito”. I gave it 5 stars, excellent book !
D. B. (St-Paul, Minnesota)

You are clearly a very clever man, to transcribe this music.
S. Z. (Humberston, England)

I do not have words to adequately express the joy that your flamenco guitar transcriptions have brought me. I thank you so much for the contributions that you have made to the art of the flamenco guitar.
J. C. W. (Bakersfield, California)

I wanted to congratulate you on your flamenco transcription books. I have just recently bought the Pepe Habichuela book to add to the Sabicas one I already had. These are just wonderful. […] Keep up the good work !
A. L. (Boston Classical Guitar Society)

I think your flamenco books are extremely well done. Keep them coming !
A. L. (USA)

I already have your Tomatito book and some of your transcriptions and they are all excellent !
B. G. (Vancouver, Canada)

Remember You are The number One in the World for Flamenco Transcriptions !!!!!
M. C. (Portogruaro, Italy)

You do a great job ! I don’t know how you do it !
D. M. (Thousand Oaks, California)

I still consider your work is the best.
D. M. (Thousand Oaks, California)

I have a few of your transcriptions so know that they are spot-on. Thank you for your excellent work.
M. H. (Lincoln, England)

I have a question (just curious) : how do you manage to transcribe and notate and indeed hear these fast and difficult pieces ? Do you visit the players also, or do you have just fantastic ear or a good tape-player which you can set at half speed ? It is just marvelous how you manage this…
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

I also bought your Sabicas book […] very wonderfully transcribed. Thanks again ! You’ve made this world a better place !
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

Also I wanted you to know that I think you’re an absolute master in transcribing. As a conservatory trained player (and I say this humbly) I am very aware of this. I almost cannot believe that you do this yourself and such an amount of compositions.
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

Thanks Maestro, what a good job again ! [Gitano de Lucia]
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

Superb work altogether. I can’t thank you enough for all those great transcriptions. It’s a work of art!
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

Looking through the transcriptions (esp. the Silia y el tiempo) I realized again that you are a walking miracle 🙂 It is all so accurate.
M. T. (Hoogblokland, Netherland)

I am in your debt, without your work I could’nt have accomplished so much in such a short time. The Tomatito book is magnificent !
D. F. (Portland, Oregon)

I find that your transcriptions are by far the best – extremely accurate – and, best of all, very nicely fingered. CONGRATULATIONS !!!
B. D. (Cambridge, England)

[…] probably the most prestigious transcriptions available by world renowned Flamenco Transcriber Alain Faucher of Paris, France. His accuracy is second to none.
Fine Fretted String Instruments, California

Thanks a lot, Great article! [New Tunings in Flamenco Guitar]
W. D. (USA)

[…] thank you for producing such wonderful flamenco music books.
Y. N. (West Foostscray, Australia)

[…] I received the bulerias falsetas and the booklets of Fandango and Solea por medio/bulerias. Especially the last ones are of extremely importance and fantastic quality.
J. S. (Hoogeveen, Netherland)

My guitar teacher, Jim Owen, praised the work you did on Sabicas ‘Rey del Flamenco’. I’ve never seen him so happy ! Thank you !
L. K. (San Diego, California)

We really enjoy the quality of your work and the obvious love of flamenco that you share!
L. K. (San Diego, California)

Thank you for making your wonderful transcriptions available.
M. D. (Bristol, England)

I am working through the book and transcriptions by Gerardo Núñez you sent me. Your transcriptions are fantastic !
B. D. (Gravenhurst, Ont., Canada)

I’ve to say that I really admire your transcriptions.
S. (Vienna, Austria)

I have many transcriptions from the Maestro Alain Faucher and I know the high quality of his work.
M. C. (Italy)

I am enjoying your tablatures very much and learning Flamenco quite a lot, thanks to you great work.
T. T. (Nagoya, Japon)

[…] because your transcriptions are the best!
H. O. (Erevan, Armenia)

I am a friend of Tony Hauser in Minneapolis, he is the one who told me about your fantastic job of transcription. Thanks for all your hard work.
M. J. (Chicago, USA)

I have read the articles about flamenco written by you and I must say that you impressed me perfectly as a specialist of flamenco.
M. X. (Armenia)

I wanted first to let you know how much I am impressed with your transcription work. It is the most accurate I have seen in the Flamenco idiom. Being a composer and guitarist myself I appreciate the accuracy and clarity. Unfortunately it is rare in this business!
I. E. (Vancouver, Canada)

I think your’s are the best transcriptions of flamenco, especially considering how complicated compositions being transcribed are.
I. G. (Russia)

I have purchased several P. De Lucia pieces from you and enjoy playing them. Your work is excellent and probably the most accurate compared to any other work.
T. K. (Pacifica, California)

Thanks for all your wonderful transcriptions. I’m currently working on Niño Miguel “En el Puente Nicoba” (solea). Very well done and easy to read. Extremely accurate.
E. P. (Jupiter, Florida)

I received the order. I see Guajira merchelera …wow! Excellent work!
Thank you again and it’s a pleasure studying on your transcriptions.
B. G. (Brescia, Italia)

And, as always, thank you for your invaluable work.
D. F. (Portland, Oregon)

[…] thank you for all your work.  You bring Vicente and Andalucia a little closer to me when I cannot be there.
M. B. (La Jolla, California)

Thank you for your great tabulatures!
J. T. (Nierdernhausern, Germany)

Would like to say that you have the BEST and most UNDERSTANDABLE transcriptions! It really makes our lives a whole lot easier. Thanks!
M. L. N. (Philippines)

Thank you so much for sending the transcription of Tio Arango – wonderful !
T. D. (Oldenburg, Allemagne)

I think your transcriptions are great. One of my past instructors had some we worked on and they are right on.
R. H. (Hawaii)

I would trade in some of my technique for your magical ability to pull notes out of the air.
E. B. (Hawaii)

I have to say that I have always wanted to play flamenco and it was only when I purchased your excellent books that I manage to play some of the pieces.
R. B. (Falkland, Fife, Scotland)

[…] I am quite enthusiastic and impressed about your work. It is the enormous accuracy as well as the ‘right’ left-hand-fingerings that are vital to produce the sound and spirit of the piece quite close to how the master did it. Thank you for that!
G. T. (Alsdorf, Germany)

Feel your transcriptions are the best, as I have made orders from you many years ago, and the authenticity and accuracy is outstanding.
T. D. (Rokeby, Tasmania, Australia)

I appreciate your work so much. […] I will be sure to make more order, I really enjoy the transcription you do, they are simply the best. Thank you again
T. D. (Rokeby, Tasmania, Australia)

you are the best in transcription
M. A. (Koweit)

Thanks for everything. Your work is re-inspiring my practice.
D. E. (Emeryville, California)

[…] your work has helped me tremendously. Before I discovered your site, I had ordered and received several of your books, including Moraito’s Morao y Oro, Pepe Habichuela’s Esencias, and my favourite, the Solea por medio, Solea por Buleria falseta book. While in Spain a few years ago I also purchased the Tomatito book. All great stuff!
M. B.

[…] your transcriptions have helped me incredibly with sustaining the Móron style of toque which I have found to be as my foundation.
D. R. (Amherst, California)

I have a very very tall stack of manuscripts/books I have purchased from you. They have helped me as no other source has to become a decent guitarist. I thank you for the great work you have done
G. G. (Alameda, California)

First off I have to say that when I saw your signature at the bottom of the last email you sent I was astounded, I thought it can’t be possible that this is the same Alain Faucher whose books I’ve been studying for years!  The thought of being able to understand and notate the music of these legendary guitarists the way you do is incredible, in addition to that it sounds like you have been fortunate enough to not only to have met but to have studied with some of them as well.  Wow.
D. P. (Troy, Michigan)

Your music books are filled with the best flamenco guitar  transcriptions.  Accurate and easily readable.
J. P. (Dallas, Texas)

You have the reputation as the best flamenco transcriber
J. P. (Dallas, Texas)

I have purchased many of your transcription books (they are the  best!) and a few of you transcriptions.
J. P. (Dallas, Texas)

[…] my thankfulness for the great work that you’ve done. I have been searching for good quality tablatures of Vicente Amigo for a very long time without finding anything that even came near. However, with your transcriptions I have been able to study Vicente’s work accurately. I was surprised to see how precise your transcriptions were written out and I very much enjoyed studying them.
D. B. (Barcelona)

I have lots of your publications and am delighted to be able to play just bits and pieces, thanks to your transcriptions.
R. B. (Falkland, Scotland)

As before, I am impressed with the accurateness of your work.
I. E. (Vancouver, Canada)

I just have received the music sheets I ordered from you and I am writing to you just to say thanks! [ … ] when I saw the quality and accuracy of your work I was stunned! You do serve a great deal to the flamenco art!
P. P. (Athens, Greece)

I already own some of your flamenco transcription books. I have learnt so much with them and I have experienced many beautiful moments playing this wonderful music.
Muchas gracias ! Me encanta la guitarra. Le debo a Vd. muchos momentos de felicidad con esta musica maravillosa para la guitarra: el flamenco. Merci beaucoup.
C. K. (Deggendorf, Germany)

[…] there is no need to talk about your great work. All other transcriptions are also fantastic!, especially Sabicas, duets. Thank you again for everything, I will wait for novelties.
H. O. (Erevan, Armeny)

I copied your “Compare Rubio” and it has been one of my best performances when I play in public.
T. O. (Mie, Japan)

Your transcriptions are *by far* the best. Please keep this fantastic work going.
G. T. (Caxias, Portugal)

You are the best and better than 10000’s of people in transcribing, speacialy better than CW in 10x’s times, and I know this by comparing his falsetas with some of videos , and I found that most of his transcriptions is WRONG and ERRORS (one of many many examples: comparing introduction falseta of “la tumbona” which u transcribed for pdl your transcription is perfect,  he released it in one of his bulerias books in very very far from the real one aloooot of errors!!!)
A. A. (Koweit)

Wow, Alain! –
What a fantastic transcription of Lindaraja!!! [ … ] It’s absolutely perfect!! Man, you captured every nuance! Great job!! Thank you so, so very much! I’ve absolutely loved that piece for almost 40 years!!
M. B. (Pasadena, California)

Alain, if we were in Japan, you would be considered a National Living Treasure.
M. B. (Pasadena, California)

Alain, the p ackage has arrived several days ago. As usual, the transcriptuions are superb!! Thank you again.
M. B. (Pasadena, California)

I trust only your transcriptions. (They are perfect!)
S. W. (Vancouver, Canada)

Your transcriptions are fantastic! Guitar players everywhere appreciate the work you do.
S. W. (Vancouver, Canada)

Your books are a treasure.
J. Z. (Castle Rock, Colorado)

I’m sure I speak for most when I say “without you, we wouldn’t be much to listen to”. You are the original and still the king in this field.
M. S. (Palo Alto, California)

First I would like to say … what a brilliant job you are doing handling these pieces […] I’m a big fan of Vicente Amigo and it is not the first time I’m shopping with…So thank you very much !!!
L. B. (Rehovot, Israel)

I […]own some of your fantastic books and bought some of your hand-written transcriptions. Well, till now I found nobody who could transcribe flamenco as perfect as you.
R. W. (Korschenbroich, Germany)

[…] your transcripts are vital for anyone in understanding the true flamenco sound
P. S.(Greece)

As always, thank you for your exceptional work with transcribing music.
M. B. (US Marines, Baghdad)

Thank you Alain for your fantastic transcriptions for all guitarists in the world!
R. W. (Spring Valley, California)

Alain, I’m so grateful to you, that you make these masters’ work available to us, and for the inspiration you’ve given to me! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
Z. D. (Myrtle Beach, South Carolina)

Affedis publications is considered leading in this area with the best transcriptions for flamenco guitar available, and I really like the books!
M. v. d. S. (Netherland)

You are doing an amazing job doing so many transcriptions.
E. S. (London, UK)

I bought the Pepe Habichuela book from you three years ago. It still gives me enormous pleasure to study this fantastic transcription. Thank you very much.
J. A. M. (Banbury, England)

I also wanted to let you know how helpful your work has been to me, the resources you make available have really made it possible to continue learning flamenco and to grow despite the challenge of living in a small town in America far removed from authentic spanish/gypsy flamenco. Keep up the good work! Thanks.
D. P. (Troy, Michigan)

When anyone is looking for tablature, I always refer them to your site. I think you do the best job out there.
D. M. (Thousand Oaks, California)

First of all congratulations for your great work! For me and I think for many other guitarists your transcriptions are the key to understand flamenco.
A. V. (Vienna, Austria)

t’s amazing thanks to your transcriptions to be able to play the same notes Vicente Amigo plays.
T. D. (Ostrhauderfehn, Germany)

I have your book La guitarra gitana de Tomatito (which is fantastic amazingly clear and accurate)
H. M. (Limerick, Ireland)

Your transcriptions are great. I would like to sincerely thank you for this incredibly valuable and heavy work that you have carried forward through the years. It is indeed such a useful tool for us, very humble flamenco guitar amateurs and dreamers, to get a little bit closer to the greatest players.
D. S. (Milano, Italy)

I’m looking to buy transcriptions of several flamenco guitar artists but they have to be complete and transcribed only by Alain Faucher as no one I know is more accurate and precise.
Y. M. (Los Angeles, California)

I am grateful to have found you and the original source of wonderful music.
Y. M. (Los Angeles, California)

You are a master transcriber Alain Faucher. Like Segovia transcriptions are for the classical repertoire, yours are the benchmark transcriptions for flamenco.
M. McB. (Hillsboro, Oregon)

Your transcription is AMAZING, thank you. I don’t know who else on this earth could do it like you.
M. McB. (Hillsboro, Oregon)

I have been working through your books and transcriptions for years now and have found them incredibly inspiring. I look forward to the awesome challenges and rewards that your books always bring!
M. B. (Calgary, Canada)

You ARE the leading exponent in all the flamenco transcriptions.
M. H. (Lincoln, England)

I can’t understand why flamenco great artists don’t understand that if they wish to stay alive in the history, for guitarists, they MUST ask you to print a music book, you and only you.
You are the best and greatest in transcribing art like Paco de Lucia in flamenco history. You are in the flamenco history.
H. O. (Erevan, Armenia)

You are the one who helped people learn this wonderful style with your transcriptions. I owe you much.
S. D.

Thanks again for your transcriptions, they give me so much pleasure!
K. B. (Bonita, California)

I have the book (Paco de Lucia) but I just prefer your transcriptions, they make more sense to me.
S. P. (New Orleans, Louisiana)

u r for me #1 in transcriptions 🙂 the best really.
M. F A. G. (Kuwait)

Thank you very much for your excellent transcriptions. They are perfect. I enjoy them very much and admire your work.
P. K. (Bratislava, Slovakia)

I have received En la otra orilla, and now I can play the piece but at a half speed of the original. I studied this piece 25 years ago , but I could not hear all the notes.Your transcription is amazingly accurate,
H. O. (Tokyo, Japan)

Thanks for your brilliant work! I’m loving the Malaguena!!
And greetings from Brooklyn, NY.
J. H. (New York)

I have been told that your transcriptions are exceptional.
J. N. (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA)

Your transcriptions are the best I have ever seen.
J. N. (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA)

I really enjoyed the Arab dances book that I purchased earlier. What a great collection !
J. N. (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA)

I was lucky enough to get a copy of La guitarra de Tomatito from Flamenco Connection that they still had in stock. The transcriptions of the solea and rondena blew me away. Great work transcribing them.
J. N. (Mequon, Wisconsin, USA)

I would like to thank you for your excellent transcriptions.
A. McM. (Greensborough, Australia)

I am an extremely satisfied customer of yours. I bought your Paco Cepero book a year or so ago and have been very, very happy with it.
L. S. (Washington D.C.)

I think you must be a very cleaver man to do these wonderful transcriptions.
N. A. (Peterborough, England)

I´ve been ordering your tabs now since many years,and it still gives me a lot of pleasure playing them,you have done an excellent job,thank you!
H. A. (Helsinki, Finland)

I have received the pieces. They are absolutely amazing. Awesome work!! I am astounded. Thanks so much!!
O. C. (Lake in the Hills, Illinois, USA)