New Transcriptions for 2018

We have opened a new category of transcriptions, which adds music notation to the usual tablature, computer typographied as in the books. From now on, every new transcriptions will be written this way, notation+tab. This new collection begins with 12 novelties, plus 2 pieces extracted (and removed) from the tablatures catalogue.

Manolo Sanlucar: Fuente vieja (bulerias), Piropos de Abril (sevillanas), El Cañaveral (guajira)

Moraito: Marivala (solea por buleria), Tangos de Triana (live on Youtube)

Miguel Angel Cortés: Guajira (live on Youtube)

Paco Peña: Recuerdos al Maestro (rondeña)

Isidoro Carmona: Granaina del Apañao

Manuel Cano: El Tiento gitano, Aires de la Vega (granaina), Inspiracionn de Medina (petenera), El Zacatin (tanguillo)

Carmin (Enrique de Melchor) and Vals flamenco (Niño Miguel) are now part of this new category, music+tab.