Notation + Tablature Transcriptions

Since 2018 all new Affedis transcriptions are written in musical notation and tablature. We have added 8 new pieces this year – to add to the 445 tablature transcriptions already in the Affedis catalogue. Some of the finest Flamenco guitar music ever composed, all meticulously transcribed by Alain Faucher. We also have 30 collections of falsetas by the world’s leading flamenco guitarists past and present.

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The following notes should help you decide which transcriptions best suit your style of playing.

Do you prefer traditional toque?
You will appreciate Ramon Montoya, Manuel Cano, Niño Ricardo, Sabicas, Melchor de Marchena, Roman el Granaino, Diego del Gastor, Paco Peña.

Do you prefer modern flamenco styles?
Try Manolo Sanlúcar, Moraito, Pepe Habichuela, Niño Miguel, Quique Paredes, Enrique de Melchor, Manolo Franco, Isidoro Carmona, Serranito, Paco Cepero.

Do you want to learn the most advanced compositions?
Try Vicente Amigo, Miguel A. Cortés, Ramon Jiménez, José L. Monton, Tomatito, Rafael Riqueni, Gerardo Nuñez.

Do you enjoy classical guitar music?
You will like:
Prendas de la guitarra andaluza, a collection of 12 pieces aimed at classical flamenco style lovers (see Books page)
Canciones populares antiguas, a collection of 18 popular songs harmonized by F.G. Lorca (see Books page)

Sabicas: Malagueña de Lecuona, Zapateado en Ré, Guadalquivir, Clavel Sevillano, Piropo a Galicia.
Serranito: El Vito, Tres Morillas, Aires de Almería, Mi Guitarra en la Madrugada.
Manuel Cano (his full work) Rafael Riqueni: Brisas, De la Vera.

Are you are a beginner?
If so you should try these pieces.
Melchor de Marchena: Malagueña, Soleá, Taranta.
Sabicas: Improvisation de Sabicas, Garrotín Flamenco
Roman el Granaino: Tanguillo del Sacromonte, Bulería al Golpe, Granaina.
Anthologies: Soleá 3.

If you want an understanding of dance accompaniment
you will learn a lot from:
Manuel Silveria’s dance accompaniment for Alegrias
Ramon Amador’s dance accompaniment for Soleá.

Do you want to learn cante accompaniment?
If so try Quique Paredes with Vincente Soto buleria.


We can provide a mp3 file of any of the trancriptions purchased on this site. You can specify the names of the pieces you want recording when you check out.

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