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600 pieces now available: solos, duets plus falseta collections

Notation + Tablature Transcriptions

Since 2018 all new Affedis transcriptions are written in musical notation and tablature. We have added 8 new pieces this year – to add to the 445 tablature transcriptions already in the Affedis catalogue. Some of the finest Flamenco guitar music ever composed, all meticulously transcribed by Alain Faucher. We also have 30 collections of falsetas by the world’s leading flamenco guitarists past and present.

Music Books

Affedis now publish 22 printed books of transcriptions covering a wide range of styles and artists including three anthologies (fandango, siguiriya and soleá por medio/solea por bulería, a collection of latin american duets and a collection of danzas arabes.

Single transcriptions

We have over 500 single transcriptions (whether tablatures-only or music notation+tab) by the greatest exponents of the Flamenco guitar both past and present, all meticulously transcribed by Alain Faucher. We also have 40 collections of falsetas by the world’s leading flamenco guitarists past and present.

60 videos of our transcriptions

Sample Transcriptions

Temas Flamencos Vol.1

This book starts with a new collection which aim is to bring together and highlight pieces from the repertoire that are particularly remarkable for their musical content, no matter fashions or trends. It is all about the beauty of the compositions, and consequently the shared pleasure of playing and listening. Here, then, is a kind of jewel box, from which you’ll be delighted to discover a few gems to enrich your personal repertoire and delight your audience. Carmin (rumba) Enrique de Melchor Lunares negros (seguiriya) Quique Paredes Amirromin (granaina)...

Prendas de la guitarra andaluza

12 pieces, 102 pages, music notation + tablature  transcription by Alain Faucher 36 euros + postage Noche en Lindaraja (danza mora) Mario Escudero Aires lejanos (farruca) Mario Escudero Meditación (nana) Mario Escudero Mi guitarra en la madrugada (campanillero) Serranito Puerto de Málaga (malagueña y verdiales) Sabicas Duende flamenco (rondeña) Sabicas Los Arrayanes (granaína)  Sabicas Zapateado Isidoro Carmona Sin estrella ni cielo (tonadilla) Manuel Cano Cantos infantiles (popular) Manuel Cano De Cádiz a la Habana (guajira) Manuel Cano Los olivaritos Angel Barrios arr. Manuel...


This is an extract from Cafetal  




Another extract from…


This is an extract from Tarara

El Dron

                                          Eldron: An extract from          ...


This is an extract from Sueños


An extract from…

Keys to Fandango

Guitar: Sabicas, Rafael Riqueni, Juan Habichuela, Jose Manuel Roldan, Paco de Lucia, Juan Maya, Vincente Amigo, Paco Cepero, Moraito, Tomatito, Enrique Melchor, Paco Pena, Serranito, Pepe Habichuela, Quique Paredes, Pepe Justicia, Salvador Paterna, Juan Carmona. Cante: Enrique Montoya, Paco Taranto, Pansequito, Boquerón, Camarón, Fernanda de Utrera, El Pele, Juanito Villar, Capullo, Duquende. A 100 pages album containing the entire transcription (guitar tab. + letra) of 12 fandangos in E and A for cante accompaniment, followed by a fandango de Huelva anthology of rythmical sections and excerpts from the greatest...